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Dealers, Painters & Restorers

John Pockett, Shropshire - 01743 791568
Gyspy Caravans UK, Devon

Dorset Heavy Horse Ctr, Dorset
Preston Services, Canterbury, Kent

Carvings & mouldings

Richard Burbidge, Shropshire
Winther Browne, London
W P Notcutt, Surrey

New Waggons Suppliers

Ingham & Fallon, North of England

Mirrors, Glass and Brilliant Cutting

Lee Glass, Nottinghamshire
Looking Glass, Bath
S Taylors & Sons, Stockport
Windsor Glass, Swansea
Cathedral Communications
Stuart Owen Norton Glass & Sign, Tyne & Wear

Paint Suppliers

Avenue Group, Berkshire - tekaloid enamels
Breakwells Paints, West Midlands - tekaloid enamels
Firwood Paints Ltd, Lancashire - coach enamels
HMG Paints - coach enamels
Wrights of Lymm, Cheshire - sign paints, brushes
Craftmaster Paints - coach enamels, sign paints

Leaf Springs

Jones Springs, West Midlands

Canvas Suppliers

Whaleys (Bradford) Ltd - cotton canvas

Waggon Components

Ingham & Fallon, North of England
Gypsy Wagon Parts, Wolverhampton - 08432 897119

Waggon Tranportation

Abbey Recovery - 01903 763553
  (Recommended by The UK Vardo Project)

Waggon Plans

Hobby Ltd
Wild Horse Books


Books, DVDs, CDs

Romany Gypsy Collection
Cottage Books, Gelsmoor, Coleorton, Leicestershire


Gypsy Caravan Holidays

Blaentrothy Holiday Cottages UK - Wales
Under the Thatch - Monmouthshire
The Old Forge - Dorset
White Horse Gypsy Caravans - Wiltshire - 01672 851119
Gypsy Caravan Holiday Breaks, Suffolk - 01787 281979
Gypsy Caravan Breaks - Somerset
Wanderlusts - Cumbria 

Sites of Interest

Romany Gypsy Trailers
Passion Roulotte
Les Roulottes
Les Verdines

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